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Staff Picks | Favorite Gifts for Father’s Day

The Day of Dad is fast approaching and here at Babbleboxx we each have our own idea of what the best gift should be. Check out a few of our staffers top picks for pop!

[caption id="attachment_140" align="alignleft" width="400"] Father's Day Gift Ideas - Fanchest Curated Sports Box![/caption]

"We're big sports fans in this house so gifting things like Fanchest to my husband or my dad is always the best idea. It's a curated box that focuses it's content on your team of choice whether it's from the NFL, NHL or  even college level. Pricing varies so there is something for every budget. I'll be honest, I want this for me too!" - Brooke Pakulski, Content Management

* Fanchest photo credit Midget Momma

"There isn't anyone that wouldn't love a gift from Hanes! It's a gift that is practical and trendy in the best way. I love the Black Label tees  the most because they're really comfortable & versatile." - Jacob Levinson, Business Development


"The Wemo Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug! My husband loves anything tech related so being able to connect Wemo via wi-fi and control lights & appliances from your phone or Amazon Alexa is a total A+ gift. Anything to make life a little easier!" - Jess Scull, Account Manager

  "R&R for our Dads. I know my Dad would absolutely love to receive tickets to attend the US Open Golf Championships at Pebble Beach and perhaps a gift card to iHop so he can check into an iHop restaurant along the way for some (very crispy) bacon and eggs!" - Sherri Langburt, CEO     [caption id="attachment_144" align="alignright" width="300"] Father's Day Gift Ideas - Ties from Ties.com![/caption] "The Midea Air Fryer works for anytime! Family meals, tasty snacks and the dad favorite - barbecue!" - Melysa Schmitt, VP of Strategy "Ties from Ties.com—Every man can use a good tie, so you can’t go wrong with this gift. Ties.com has so many prints, colors and fabrics to choose from, so you are sure to find something that is perfectly suited. They have ties for every personality, mood and occasion. To boot, price points are affordable, so you’re getting incredible value, and a gift that your dad will not only love but also get great use of!" - Ellisha Langburt, Sales & Marketing Exec.
* Ties.com photo credit Ashley Solberg
  [caption id="attachment_143" align="alignleft" width="300"] Father's Day Gift Ideas - Glasses from Zenni Optical![/caption] "Aftershokz Trekz Air. They have incredible sound and are comfortable to wear. Every dad could use a pair of these (or two) to help them zone out during workouts or to help relax during chill time." - Sandy Davis, Sales "Glasses from Zenni Optical. This eyewear is cool and trendy + the designs are what men actually want to wear. Plus, they're really affordable so you can get multiple pairs to gift!" - Carlyn Schrouder, VP Sales & Marketing
* Zenni Optical photo credit Angela Ricardo

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