Behind the Scenes | Unboxing BabbleBoxx Custom Influencer Campaigns

The unique BabbleBoxx Co-Marketing Box program is what BabbleBoxx is known for. It’s not only a great way for brands to get their products in front of millions of eyes but it also guarantees heavy exposure. But what about our bespoke, brand-dedicated program? Today we’re talking with Sandy Davies, BabbleBoxx Vice President of Special Projects, about what goes into the Babbleboxx Custom Box promotions and how each of them is an individual, customized experience for each brand.

The Best Custom Influencer Marketing Campaign Management Ideas

How did BabbleBoxx get started in the signature box business?
Our custom boxes were already part of BabbleBoxx wider capabilities when I came on board in 2016 but I can tell you that these Signature Boxx campaigns were born originally from the huge success of our innovative co-branded themed box activations.

Incorporating the key elements that our co-branded partners love and then building a totally brand-centric activation that maintains that perfect balance for an experiential unboxing moment, and the surprise and delight that leads to beautiful and engaging storytelling.

What steps are involved when a brand wants a custom box/campaign and what do you do to ensure the custom campaign experience goes smoothly?
There are multiple steps involved in executing a Signature Boxx program. Tasks associated with box design, production and product curation often run parallel with influencer identification, onboarding and assignment. A Signature campaign requires a lead time of around 3 months (though we have fast-tracked the schedule to 4 weeks), and one missed deadline can impact launch dates. So a detailed timeline and scope of work are critical.

Our approach is very hands-on and solution-based as there are so many moving parts and milestones to achieve to ensure we don’t jeopardize the critical path. Adapting quickly and efficiently play an important role in making deadlines. I create my own checklist and keep each piece of every puzzle right where I need it to be. Attention to detail and flexibility are key. I am a believer in checklists!

How involved are the brands in the design process and how does the team help guide them to the perfection that we see every time?
Our clients always turn to BabbleBoxx for our design expertise. The process is an collaboration amongst the brand, our designer and myself. We typically allow for two rounds of creative revisions and are quick to incorporate revisions. We meet and communicate regularly until the vision is translated into a sharable, workable design that is approved by all stakeholders involved in the project.

The Best Custom Influencer Marketing Campaign Management Ideas

When deciding on a theme for a custom box, how does the team work to find the perfect complementary items to aid the influencers in  tell the story organically?
When we are asked to source products to suit a theme for a particular campaign, we turn to our product curation team members who are experts at suggesting, pricing and securing the perfect items that not only complement but place the spotlight on the main brand.

What is the hardest design project the team has ever worked on and why?
Definitely the #GoodEats promotion we implemented in Fall 2019 for Conagra Brands. These boxes featured multiple frozen foods brands from the company’s better-for-you brand portfolio (think Gardein, Udi’s, Healthy Choice, Birds Eye etc) and involved groupings of influencers in various verticals who each had to receive a unique configuration of products based on a theme (vegetarian, weight loss, whole foods etc). I must add that all boxes required dry ice and overnight shipping!

Which custom box, i.e. Signature Boxx, was the most fun to produce from conception to conclusion and why?
Oreo Valentine’s Day 2019!! Watching this project evolve was fantastic. Each round of edits added more character, and the fact that this campaign was designed for kids made it simply the cutest.

For this campaign we filled the custom box with 25 miniature boxes with the same design elements. The idea was for kids to assemble the miniature boxes and then fill them with Oreo cookies for gifting to friends as a Valentine’s Day activation. In addition to the Influencer portion of the campaign, we produced 3000 boxes for a limited Amazon eCommerce run. There were so many moving parts to this one it could make a person dizzy, but we delivered perfection and it was a very proud moment for all of us when we began seeing the most beautiful content go live.

As a parent I just loved the exchange box element. The joy and effort in constructing the miniature boxes, filling the boxes, giving them to their friends, caring for the kids were elements that came together and created thousands of precious little smiles all over America.

Click on each image below to see how our influencers brought these custom campaigns to life!



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*photo credits: Afternoon Espresso & Cutefetti