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BabbleBoxx connects brands to influencers by creating highly engaging experiential marketing programs that are optimized to meet business goals and deliver tangible results.

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BabbleBoxx combines technology with a high-touch, personalized approach to helping our partners at every stage of the influencer marketing lifecycle. We combine strategic planning and account management with proprietary tools that allow us to bring your message to life in a way that inspires conversation, engagement and attention. When you love what you do, like we do, the process is collaborative and dynamic.

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The BabbleBoxx co-sampling promotions are competition-free, theme-inspired campaigns that place your product(s) in the hands of social media influencers who are guaranteed to post, pin, snap, tweet and share your message across Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.



Our signature kits elevate the discovery experience of products and services by engaging influencers in the comfort of their home. We create “surprise and delight” packages to satisfy your brand, theme and campaign goals. Every detail of your kit is exclusively personalized to your brand and your message from design, insert cards and swag.



Our content creators span all verticals and demos from nanos, micros, macros and megas to gen z, food + entertaining, fashion + beauty, travel + recreation, men’s interest and 50plus, allowing you create highly relevant messaging for your intended audience.



Inviting influencers to a virtual event is a great way to drive and generate pre, during & post event coverage. BabbleBoxx virtual events can be conducted in one-on-one or group settings and are interactive, cost effective and close to the real thing.



Our latest offering, although consumer sampling at its core, will only go to influencers for trial and testimonial. The twist is we can reach out to the 30k+ influencers within our community to identify only those with an affinity for your brand(s). In this way the likelihood of them sharing content, posting reviews, taking part in surveys and more around your goods and services increases exponentially.


Podcast Gallery

Meg Harrell - MegForIt

Meg Harrell is an entrepreneur, influencer and creator of megforit.com. She is a mother of two and runs her MEGFORIT digital brand from home in Central Florida. In addition, Meg provide tips to the medical community through TikTok from her experience as a Registered Nurse (RN). Meg loves to prac...

Dylan Kim - Brevite

Dylan Kim is the Head of Marketing at Brevite, a direct-to-consumer backpack company that makes fun, functional and innovative backpacks designed for everyday life. Dylan co-founded Brevite in 2015 with his brothers Elliot and Brandon after searching for a bag that could support their everyday n...

Dave Goodman - Kerasal

On this episode of #Influencer, Sherry is joined by the dynamic, senior brand marketing leader in the healthcare industry and one of our brand partners, Dave Goodman, who’s known for his work with Bayer Consumer Care managing brands such as Aleve, Alka-Seltzer, Miralax and Bayer Aspirin. Current...

JJ Yosh

Introduction We are so excited to JJ Yosh joining us on this episode of #Influencer. We first met JJ when he partnered with us on our Honitos x Bespoke and Noble Oak social campaigns. JJ is a multifaceted entrepeneur who is not only an influencer and content creator, but a TV-host, advent...

Reading aloud to Children

Jennifer Tegan is the National Director of Marketing and Communications for Reach Out and Read. In this role, she is responsible for the strategy and efforts to promote and advance the organization’s mission of incorporating books into pediatric care and encouraging families to read aloud togeth...

Women in Influencer Marketing

From talent management to an obsession with technology and a knack for negotiations Jessy Grossman’s work has led to the creation of new opportunities for hundreds of influencers and brands.  Jessy is a long time entrepreneur in the entertainment and digital media space. She’s been quoted in For...

Breaking the Taboos associated with Feminine Hygiene

In this episode of Hashtag Influencer, Sherri confronts stigma head on to talk periods with Leesa Raab of Thinx, Inc. Leesa is a New York-based PR and communications professional with over 15 years of experience. She spent the majority of her career in boutique PR agencies focused on wellness, b...

Launching & Marketing a Product During a Pandemic

In today’s episode of Hashtag Influencer, Sherri gets the global perspective from Barak Orenstein of Else Nutrition, the new plant-based company winning high marks from parents looking for a healthy alternative to traditional baby formula. Despite launching midway through a year of global pandem...

Introducing Hashtag Influencer

Introducing Hashtag Influencer, hosted by Babble Boxx CEO Sherri Langburt. Formerly, Beyond the Box, Hashtag Influencer brings you the same great information you crave. The Worlds Biggest Brands,  Agencies & Influencers Share Their Influencer Marketing Secrets to Success. Go behind the ...

Creating Cultural Awareness in Children

Child Psychiatrist Dr. Zabina “Zee” Bhasin, MD, is a diversity and inclusion expert and entrepreneur and the founder of In Kidz, a lifestyle brand dedicated to creating connections through culture and championing unity amongst diversity. Kidz creates kid-focused products that help children learn...

Blog Gallery

Like it or Leave It: CGI Influencers Are Here to Stay

The quest for virtual influencers continues. This week, Metaverse releases guidelines around the use of AI created content creators. Lenovo launches a campaign in Japan in collaboration with a computer-generated model, Imma. Back in the United States, LG’s homegrown talent, Reah Keem, appears to ...

Influencer Marketing: The Full-Service Solution

While it may seem counter-intuitive to believe an influencer marketing agency can be full-service, the industry has come a long way since its inception. BabbleBoxx fills the blank space that currently exists between Influencer Marketing Platforms and Managed Services. We utilize technology and ap...

Influencer Marketing Roundup: Creator Rates on the Rise, Amazon’s Vine Voices and Canadians Party on a Plane amidst the Pandemic

We now have week one of 2022 under our belts and all eyes are on livestream selling whether it’s Instagram, Amazon or YouTube. The influencer pay gap is an ongoing issue and rates, thanks to the Pandemic, continue to rise. Tech retailer Best Buy forays into the space with its first influencer col...

#AlcoholFree Movement: Marketing to the Sober Generation

The wine o’clock movement may be winding down. While studies have suggested an increasing number of consumers are sipping wine and shopping Prime, thanks to the Pandemic - an increasing number of Americans are not just staying sober for #DryJanuary but, choosing sobriety as a way of life.  At th...

HOOVER® Cleans Up Mom’s Messiest Moments Amidst Quarantine

HOOVER® banks on Momfluencers as homes (and kids) get messier during the Pandemic Thanks to the Omnicron virus, many of us are back again to being indoors. And more time spent inside likely equals more spills, dirt, dust and for many new pet owners, dog hair.   Last year, HOOVER® stepped in to ...

Influencer Marketing Roundup: Social Commerce and the Creator Economy, Rise of Live Streams for Social Selling, and the Metaverse

It’s the first Monday back to work in the New Year and influencer marketing has lofty goals for 2022 as marketers shift from ad-based revenue and double down on the creator economy. The metaverse is seeking influencers to become “metapreneurs” and marketers are honing in on them as livestream sho...

Throwback Thursday: A Look Back to our Launch

Did you know our company launched 14 years ago?  In honor of the new year upon us, here's a flashback to our early days as featured in The New York Times at the time of our launch. We’ve taken many detours along the way and never imagined we would be where we are today.  All “pivots” have been...

Influencer Marketing: Top Trend Predictions for 2022

For influencers and marketers alike, the month of December is coupled with aggressive year-end promotions and finalizing strategic plans for the New Year. This end-of-year fine balancing act often feels like you are dancing at two weddings simultaneously.  To help ease the transition, whil...

Latest Influencer Collab Marks the 30th Anniversary of ‘Rugrats'

An exclusive collaboration between BabbleBoxx and Nickelodeon bolsters fanfare for the beloved streaming television series If you’re a ‘90’s child, your favorite Rugrats characters are all grown up: Tommy, Dil & Angelica Pickles, Chuckie & Kimi Finster, Susie Carmichael, Phillip & Li...

Partner Spotlight: College Essentials

Whether you’ll be living in a dorm, an apartment or commuting from home, every student needs some fun and some necessary college essentials for 2021. For the back-to-school season we've partnered with G-SHOCK Women, Harper Collins and Zebra Pen for a college themed co-marketing initiative. Bel...

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Take it from @barbellebeautyy : “Progress over Perfection” 💕💪🏽 What’s your fitness motto for 2022? Comment below 👇 #influencermarketing #influencerspotlight #shoutout #healthandwellness

What has more than 200 million active users a month, and 66% conversion rate? If you guessed Pinterest, you are correct! The social platform is seeking to increase creator discovery with the addition of a new ‘Profiles’ tab within Pin search, which will highlight relevant creators related to any...

Popcorn is prepared in the same pot, under the same heat, in the same oil, but they do not all pop at the same time. Don’t compare yourself to others, YOUR TURN TO POP IS COMING! #influencermarketing

✨NEW ON OUR BLOG✨ The quest for virtual influencers continues. This week, Metaverse releases guidelines around the use of AI created content creators. Lenovo launches a campaign in Japan in collaboration with a computer-generated model, Imma. Back in the United States, LG’s homegrown talent, Reah...

✨Treat Every Weekend Like a Vacation ✨We’re all suffering from boredom. How are you beating it? From the team at BabbleBoxx, we are sharing some fun activities we are doing this winter! #influencermarketingagency

Organizing your workload by color can improve #productivity. Color-coding your projects and tasks is an eye-popping way to give yourself signals and reminders to stay on track of work priorities. Go ahead, give it a try and let us know what you think! And if you’re a color-coder, drop tips you fi...

Recipe creation used to involve a team of professionals from the food writers and recipe developers to the stylists, photographers and editors. Influencers serve all these functions while saving you time and dollars. The same holds true regardless of the type of content you are aiming to produce....

Whether you’re opening a new franchise location or trying to send foot traffic to an established spot, consider working with influencers who live in that city, state, or region. These community-rooted content creators are not only more relevant, they can make on-site appearances, attend special e...

✨NEW ON THE BLOG ✨ We now have week one of 2022 under our belts and all eyes are on livestream selling whether it’s Instagram, Amazon or YouTube. The influencer pay gap is an ongoing issue and rates, thanks to the Pandemic, continue to rise. Tech retailer, Best Buy, forays into the space with its...