Content Sponsorships
Diana Elizabeth


We like to think of influencers as an external content department.

The right partners will help satisfy your needs whether it’s developing a how-to guide, promoting an instructional video or creating a carousel of images that are perfectly attuned to your brand aesthetic.

Our brand-dedicated content campaigns inspire and educate through elaborate storytelling.

This indepth, longer format content resonates with readers for increased engagement and can boost SEO results.


Through social network promotion, our influencers can drive social conversations and sentiment at scale.

Stories, photos and videos shared by influencers via Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook are ideal for creating immediate mass distribution and awareness


One of our main marketing goals for our brand is to engage our target audience and develop conversations about our products within online beauty communities. We’ve been big fans of Babbleboxx for over a year as we’ve been able to capture our audience through influencers in our category who review and test the products for their followers. We’ve made sure to include a Babbleboxx program in all of our campaigns as we’ve seen a great success in impressions, word-of-mouth exposure, brand recognition and interest, and ultimately has had a positive impact on our overall brand sales. Keeping our audience engaged and talking about our brand has proven to be a successful part of our marketing mix and we are excited to continue to work and grow with Babbleboxx!"

- Nads

Working with Babbleboxx has always been (and is) a pleasure to work with! Always confident the team helps find the right influencers for any campaign that are the best fit, and always stays within budget parameters. The thorough wrap-up reports have been very helpful in understanding the impact made beyond the posts themselves, seeing how far our campaigns really go."



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