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Influencer Marketing Agency Will Harness The Power of Media Influencers for Social Good  
influencer marketing for non-profits

Nonprofit Organization “Action for Healthy Kids”Is First to Receive Free Promotion in March

New York (02/13/2020) Top influencer marketing agency, BabbleBoxx will offer a select group of nonprofit organizations the power of its social media marketing savvy for free – a first in the influencer marketing industry. Leveraging its large network of influencers, BabbleBoxx hopes to help raise awareness of important social causes for nonprofits, which rarely have a budget to spread their message. According to Sherri Langburt, CEO and Founder of Babbleboxx, “We are thrilled to use the power of social media to support charitable causes. Our commitment to give back to these deserving organizations is part of our DNA. This is an ongoing effort that will include other nonprofits throughout the year including the Fitness Foundation, No Bully and Love without Boundaries. BabbleBoxx is actively pursuing partnerships with other charities and welcomes feedback from the community.” https://youtu.be/TLLB-kRDHRI BabbleBoxx will be offering nonprofit organizations inclusion in its popular co-marketing “box” campaigns. BabbleBoxx sends out theme-based boxes featuring five to six non-competing brands and products to carefully vetted influencers, who then craft stories about the brands and promote them throughout their vast reach on social networks. These influencer marketing campaigns achieve millions of impressions on social media. Traditional companies usually pay five to six figure sums to be included. For National Nutrition Month in March, BabbleBoxx will partner with the coast-to-coast organization, “Action for Healthy Kids” to provide them with valuable social media promotion for free. The National Nutrition box will include products such as Tribe’s Chocolate Hummus, Conagra’s Healthy Choice (new Power Dressings), Made Good (Allergan-free Granola Bars), Beetology (organic beverages). Additionally, influencers will also receive information to promote the message, values and tenets of Action for Healthy Kids. Present in 55,000 schools across the country and serving 20 million children, this nonprofit organization encourages school professionals, families and communities to take action together to increase healthy eating habits, boost physical activity and improve children’s physical, social and emotional health and well-being at school and at home.  “We’re honored to be included as BabbleBoxx’s first nonprofit beneficiary and commend them for using their influence to help nonprofit organizations like ours expand their reach,” said Loren Coleman, Vice President of Marketing and Communications with Action for Healthy Kids. “National Nutrition Month is a time to recognize the importance of optimal nutrition for children so they are equipped from an early age to grow into healthy young adults. We must work together to ensure all children have access to nutrition education and healthy foods that nourish both their bodies and minds.” About BabbleBoxx: BabbleBoxx is a full-service influencer marketing agency best known for its innovative influencer boxing activations. With solutions for every type of brand, BabbleBoxx always aims to find fresh perspectives and create compelling messages that flourish across social media channels. The BabbleBoxx team is made up of seasoned professionals who have been entrenched in the influencer marketing space for more than a decade, servicing this very important niche in the fast-changing, constantly emerging field of social media marketing.