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The Value of Micro-Influencers, Brands Concern Over AI In Influencer Marketing & Social Media, and More

On this week's news roundup, we take a look at how media agencies are strenghtening brand safety as influencers adapt their content strategy with Artificial Intelligence tools, Shopify's President on his preference of working with micro-influencers to grow his side hustle, and the reasons why creators are becoming the new social media strategists for brands. We also look into the general sentiment of podcast ads versus traditional and digital ads, and Meta's new performance-based payout model on Instagram and Facebook.

DigidayHow media agencies are tightening brand safety and transparency as influencers tap AI

Description: As AI continues to be explored and adopted in many different industries today, it has become increasingly more common to use AI in influencer marketing and social media- from video filters, shorts generators, AI generated audio, and more. This raises concerns for brands on disclosing the use of AI- or risk their brand reputation. Read on to learn more about how brands are trying to balance this new technology and the future of AI in Influencer Marketing!

Marketing Brew: Podcast listeners dont love or hate ads, report says

Description: Ads on podcasts may not be so bothersome, a survey by customer experience platform Disqo finds. Close to 35,000 US customers were surveyed, and while many did not love the ads on podcasts, they don’t exactly hate them either. Compared to other channels to hear ads like TV and Radio, 1 in 3 said they pay more attention to podcast ads, and the lack of negative sentiment suggests that podcast ads can meaningfully engage target audiences.

Tech CrunchMeta reworks its ads on Reels monetization program with a new performance-based payout model

Description: Meta is testing out a new payout model for its Ads on Reels monetization program that will pay creators based on the performance of their public Reels instead of the earnings they receive from their ads on their Reels. Meta will also be expanding the Ads on Reels monetization program on Facebook to more creators. Content creators, read more to find out how you can revamp your content strategies!

CNBC: Shopify's President on why he prefers paying micro-influencers to grow his own side hustle

Description: Shopify president Harley Finkelstein touches on his side business he co-founded as an independent entrepreneur with CNBC, after laying off 20% of staff amid a losing focus of the main offering of the company. He shares his experiences and lessons with other startups about his loose-leaf tea business, Firebelly Tea. One of the biggest lessons? Stop chasing big-name influencers!

AdAge: Why creators are becoming social media strategists for brands

Description: Content creators, we’ve got a new job for you! Brands are becoming less interested in tapping creators for their large followings, but instead are looking for their social media expertise and knowledge in crafting effective social media content, specifically filming and editing short-form video and other short-form content for brand's social media channels. How will this change the landscape for traditional influencer marketing?