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Content Creators Pretend to Attend Coachella, How New AI Tools Stand to Impact Marketers, and More

On this week’s news round-up: Content creators are pretending to attend Coachella; American Eagle brings a secondhand clothing shop to Snapchat; We share the emergence of new AI tools like ChatGPT and its impact on marketers; A communications agency is releasing a playbook to combat inequity in influencer marketing; and a YouTube study addresses whether YouTube shorts are worth it.


AdAge: Creators pretend to be at Coachella

Description:  This year's Coachella has sparked concerns that in recent years, creators have been pretending to attend by using elaborate set-ups and photoshop to reap the benefits of the buzz and traffic the festival creates. Brands are concerned because they partner with influencers to help build credibility and authenticity with Gen Z, utilizing Coachella as an opportunity to find creators with loyal followings who are engaged in content about the festival.


Forbes: How New AI Tools like ChatGPT Stand to Impact Marketers

Description: The third major technology platform shift of the digital age is upon us- the appearance of powerful artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as ChatGPT, Bard, and Dall-E. There have been major platform shifts that define technology markets and transform society, but few have ignited the mixture of wonder and trepidation at how eerily intelligent and skilled at writing ChatGPT and its relatives are.


Marketing Dive: American Eagle brings secondhand clothing shop to snapchat

Description: American Eagle and ThredUp have partnered to launch RE/AE, an online resale shop featuring vintage and secondhand garments from the retailer. American Eagle’s partnership with ThredUp sees the brand leveraging interest in circular fashion as the brand strives to solidify ties with Gen Z, supported by evidence that environmental issues are a top priority for this group.


Marketing Brew: Communications Agency M Booth releases a playbook aimed at reducing inequity in influencer marketing

Description: Amy Shoenthal, SVP of M Booth, has been working on a how-to guide to help combat inequity in influencer marketing, beyond just pay. Examples of inequity include algorithmic bias to navigate, microaggressions during the feedback loop working with partners and discussing deliverables, as well as a lack of access to events, brands, and opportunities.


The Publish Press: Are Shorts really worth it?

Description: Business creator Paddy Galloway and YouTube analyst Chris Gileta released a YouTube Shorts study created to answer common creator questions: How long should Shorts be? How do Shorts help with growth? How much money can be made?