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News of the Week: Pinterest TV Studio, Rephr’s Response to Consumer Feedback, Insights on the Creator Economy and More

On this week’s news roundup, we take a look at Pinterest’s new live streaming app and how Rephr leveraged consumer feedback and crowdsourcing data to develop their new skincare line. We also share insights you should know about the influencer economy, how brands are utilizing long vs short term influencer collaborations and what roles influencers […]

2022 Trending Industry Topics, Hot Topics & Happenings, Influencer Marketing, Marketing Tips, Weekly News Roundup

How Fashion Brands are Leveraging Influencers this Spring

While the fashion industry has had great success with influencer marketing, brands in the space are constantly on the hunt for new ways to excite and engage their audiences. On this week’s news roundup, we explore live-streaming and online shoppable events, Amazon’s The Drop x TikTok collaboration, digital fashion and cryptocurrency, the upward trend in […]

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Retail Strategy: How Marketers Can Convince Consumers to Shop Without Breaking the Bank

Valentine’s Day 2022 was forecasted to be the second-highest spending year on record, increasing about ~10% compared to last year. The Pandemic had been driving people to shop online more often than in years prior, but the trend has been threatened by increased prices and costs due to supply chain disruptions and labor shortages.  So […]

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Building Credibility on LinkedIn as an Influencer

With over half a billion users, LinkedIn is the largest social media platform for business professionals. The trend for diversifying marketing strategies and going beyond Facebook advertising has been growing lately. Brands are now looking to establish partnerships with LinkedIn members with engaged followings in order to boost their reach and strengthen credibility. When brands […]