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Retail Strategy: How Marketers Can Convince Consumers to Shop Without Breaking the Bank

Valentine's Day 2022 was forecasted to be the second-highest spending year on record, increasing about ~10% compared to last year. The Pandemic had been driving people to shop online more often than in years prior, but the trend has been threatened by increased prices and costs due to supply chain disruptions and labor shortages. 

So how can marketers convince consumers to shop without fear of breaking the bank? Walmart saw this as an opportunity to play into its #DateNight trend on TikTok and Instagram - speaking to a wide variety of audiences for this special, love-inspired holiday.

It started with a TikTok challenge in the early days of the Pandemic when the malaise of quarantine was setting in and the possibility of a fun or romantic night out was nowhere on the horizon. A couple from Tallahassee, Florida posted a TikTok video in which they bargain hunted against a timer for date night merch, proving that you don’t have to go big for date night and can do it without breaking the bank at the big box retailer.   

Fast forward two years to present day - - shopping is being done via social, where unboxing videos have become an integral brand-building tool. To inspire consumers, Walmart, with support from Digitas and BabbleBoxx, went gone direct to influencers, delivering a series of 5 vertically positioned date night kits, complete with theme-based products, to please every audience. 

See examples from this campaign below and see the results yourself! From left to right:

Couples Date Night: Bradley & Sam, Ladies Night In: Two Scoops of Style, Family Movie Night: Rie_Defined, Family Activity Night: Rachel Pitzel, and Kids Creativity Night: YWM Family