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5 New Mom Influencers You Need to Know

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the top new Mom influencers in the BabbleBoxx community. These five ladies are positive proof that with patience, hard work, dedication, and time management, you can juggle a career and Mommyhood amazingly!





Morgan is a mother of 2 and owner of fashion and lifestyle blog fashionfriesx.com. Morgan explains her style as chic, glamorous, and edgy. When finding expensive outfits, she helps her followers recreate looks for a fraction of the price and inspires others in a similar fashion.


Kristin JT



Kristin is a mother of 3 and creator behind lifestyle blog Kristin.JT.com. Kristen loves all things fitness, health, food, and affordable fashion and beauty. Her goal is to connect with like-minded women, to share experiences, and life tips!


Lauren Chambers 



Lauren is a mother to one and a bernedoodle pup. Lauren is the owner of beauty, wellness, and body positivity blog laurenelyce.com where you can find an authentic approach to body positivity and style, wellness and balance tips, loved products, and her journey through motherhood.


Lindsay Aratari



Lindsay is a mother of 2 living in Rochester, NY, and she is the creator behind blog aratariathome.com. Her blog is a place where she inspires others to love where you live, sharing tips on homeownership and style, including healthier swaps for a nontoxic home. She enjoys experimenting and cooking in the kitchen, sharing her recipes, and her moments of motherhood.


Monique B.



Monique is a mother of 3 and creator of lifestyle and motherhood blog momlifeandmonique.com. Monique started her blog to share and help others on how she balances her life around her kids and spending quality time with her husband. She shares great tips and tricks on marriage and motherhood.


These New Moms are helping pave the way for brands like Tomy, Philips Avent, Mustela and Baby Magic. Finding new Mom influencers can be challenging, but you can always reach out to team@babbleboxx.com for influencer marketing help and support.