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News of the Week: Pinterest TV Studio, Rephr’s Response to Consumer Feedback, Insights on the Creator Economy and More

On this week’s news roundup, we take a look at Pinterest’s new live streaming app and how Rephr leveraged consumer feedback and crowdsourcing data to develop their new skincare line. We also share insights you should know about the influencer economy, how brands are utilizing long vs short term influencer collaborations and what roles influencers will play in the future of marketing.

TechCrunchPinterest quietly launches a livestreaming app for video creators

Description: Pinterest on Monday launched a new app aimed at making it easier for creators to livestream to its platform. The new Pinterest TV Studio app for iOS and Android will allow select creators to go live on Pinterest as well as use multiple devices in order to achieve different camera angles, the app’s description states.

Fast Company: Data-driven, crowdsourced beauty brand Rephr launches second skincare SKU

Description: Here’s how two former tech workers leveraged data and crowdsourcing to build an everyday luxury prosumer beauty tools and skincare company.

Smartbrief: What you need to know about the creator economy

Description: Around 200 million people are classified as creators in Linktree’s 2022 Creator Report, which contains valuable insights into the work of creators, including how they monetize what they do and the ways that brands are partnering with them. 

Backstage: Brand Ambassadors vs. Influencers: Which Is Better for Your Marketing Strategy?

Description: Brand ambassadors and influencers make for exciting, effective word-of-mouth marketing partners for both new ventures and OG brands. Finding the right voice and targeting the demographic your brand needs to succeed is key. So which partner type will spread the word for your brand best? 

Talking Influencer: Deep Dive: The Influencer Roles of the Future

Description: Ten years ago, no one would’ve expected the influencer space to be what it is today. With change constantly upon the influencer marketing sphere, how are the roles within the industry progressing?