While the fashion industry has had great success with influencer marketing, brands in the space are constantly on the hunt for new ways to excite and engage their audiences. On this week’s news roundup, we explore live-streaming and online shoppable events, Amazon’s The Drop x TikTok collaboration, digital fashion and cryptocurrency, the upward trend in male fashion influencers on TikTok and the new style craze on social media inspired by celebrities like Meryl Streep, Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton and more!


Forbes: 11 Ways To Successfully Livestream A Shopping Event With An Influencer

Description: Livestream shopping is all the rage in China at the moment, generating hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue last year and still growing. With this phenomenon catching on with consumers globally, companies in every country are trying to figure out the best way to jump on the livestream shopping bandwagon.


USA Today: Amazon's The Drop shop delivers TikTok-approved clothing, purses and shoes to your door

Description: The Drop presents limited-edition collections of wardrobe pieces curated by notable fashion influencers, including body acceptance and style advocate Katie Sturino and fashion designer, digital creator and Manhattan mom Tenicka Boyd and TikTok breakout star and over-50 fashion inspiration Carla Rockmore.


Refinery 29: Digital Fashion Is Booming — Here’s How To Shop It

Description: Digital clothing platforms have developed unique ways for people to interact with fashion online, from buying wearables to investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Take, for example, DressX, a marketplace where people can buy digital clothing that can be superimposed over real-life photos; or The Fabricant, where those interested in NFTs can create and shop for them using cryptocurrency. Whichever way you go about it, one thing is clear: you’re not alone in wanting to buy digital fashion.


BuzzFeed: Male Fashion Influencers Are Saving Basic Men Everywhere

Description: There’s a growing niche of TikTok guys who show their peers how to elevate their style. Considering that a whopping 84% of influencers doing sponcon on Instagram are women, it’s noteworthy that more guys are finally getting in the game. After years of women running the fashion show online, it turns out that men want to be influenced too.


The New Daily: ‘Coastal grandmother’: The fashion trend spreading like wildfire on social media

Description: Believe it or not, the latest fashion trend exploding on TikTok and Instagram right now is – wait for it – ‘coastal grandmother’.

Spreading across social media like wildfire, ‘coastal grandmother’ refers to the affluent, unbothered lifestyle that involves living by the beach and sipping mimosas at 3pm.