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Ideas for Hosting a Virtual Event

Virtual events have become an integral part of influencer marketing in the time of COVID-19. Executed properly, they can be just as engaging and exciting as in-person events, and can even help you reach more influencers. Travel costs that could have prevented content creators from  attending a live event are no longer an issue.

While you don't need previous experience to create fun virtual events, BabbleBoxx has produced many successful virtual events for our trusted clients through the years.

Wondering how to effectively translate a physical experience into a virtual event? Your participants will get more out of the experience and be more likely to promote your product if you make your event lively, engaging and fun. Here are 5 ideas to get you thinking about collaborating with influencers through an online event.

  1. Interview an expert or celebrity who can speak to the benefits of your product, followed by a Q&A with attendees

  1. Host a Q&A session about how you started your business

  1. Host a virtual demonstration, with participant packages shipped to attendees’ beforehand including specialty ingredients and/or tools they can use to follow along and create with you live

  1. Demo your brand-new product, while sharing live your top tips and trends

  1. To build a rapport with influencers, teach a series of courses that highlight new product launches and themes through the year

The platform you use to stream will depend entirely on your event. If you’re hosting a webinar or a more intimate event and want to easily mingle with the influencers in attendance, Zoom is a great option. For events where you are less concerned with direct interactions, but want to foster collective engagement such as likes, shares, and live chat, Vimeo and Facebook Live are good tools.

For more ideas and examples of virtual event success, reach out to team@BabbleBoxx.com for solutions guaranteed to generate a true connection with influencers.