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The Power of B2B Partnerships & Influencer Collabs

On the week’s news round up, Sex and the City character, Carrie Bradshaw, inspires new Birkenstock & Manolo collaboration, Pepsi & iHop team up to introduce a limited edition line of Cola, and Target partners with Levi’s to be a top “denim destination”. Dynamic partnerships , whether that be brand-to-brand or influencer collaborations alike, provide […]

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Kalahari Resorts & Conventions: The Impact of Marketing Off-Season for Seasonal Businesses

Government shutdowns due to the Covid pandemic hit the theme park industry hard. Fortunately, most operators have rebounded and are on pace to performing at their pre-pandemic rates. A look-back at one operator’s successful approach to staying afloat demonstrated the versatility of social media marketing in crafting effective advertising strategy. Predictably, most companies seized the […]

2022 Trending Industry Topics, 2022 Trends, Brand Awareness, Hot Topics & Happenings, Influencer Marketing, Weekly News Roundup

Spring Beauty: Brands and TV Shows alike Weigh In & Inspire this Season’s Trends

Spring beauty is in the air with brands and celebs alike turning to social to share fresh trends and tips+tricks to have you looking your best this season. Whole Foods shares their 2022 predications, Tarte and Clean Girl beauty brands take advantage of the benefits of TikTok, and HBO’s hottest series, Euphoria, adds a pop […]

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Sole Care: Kerasal Navigates the Influencer Marketing Landscape as Consumer Interest Soars

Consumer interest in self-care products skyrocketed during the Pandemic. As life goes on we continue to take personal maintenance matters into our homes and hands which is why face masks, nail polish and hair treatments are still trending on Amazon.  Taking care of oneself is a head-to-toe process and Covid-19 amplified a need for at-home foot […]

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Latest Influencer Collab Marks the 30th Anniversary of ‘Rugrats’

An exclusive collaboration between BabbleBoxx and Nickelodeon bolsters fanfare for the beloved streaming television series If you’re a ‘90’s child, your favorite Rugrats characters are all grown up: Tommy, Dil & Angelica Pickles, Chuckie & Kimi Finster, Susie Carmichael, Phillip & Lillian DeVille, and we can’t forget Spike!  To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the […]

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Alcohol Brands Get Creative With Mixologists and Cocktailgrams for the Holidays

Safe to say, 2020 has not been business as usual. For brands within the wine and spirits category in particular, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a complete flip in sales with online purchases skyrocketing while in-store and commercial sales are demonstrably lower. The disruption in the purchasing behavior of consumers has forced alcohol brands to […]