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Spring Beauty: Brands and TV Shows alike Weigh In & Inspire this Season’s Trends

Spring beauty is in the air with brands and celebs alike turning to social to share fresh trends and tips+tricks to have you looking your best this season. Whole Foods shares their 2022 predications, Tarte and Clean Girl beauty brands take advantage of the benefits of TikTok, and HBO’s hottest series, Euphoria, adds a pop of glitter to this year’s beauty trends. 

Glossy.co: Tarte Takes on TikTok with a Dedicated Influencer Trip

Description: This week, Tarte is reverting to its initial strategy of working with beauty influencers, but this time, they’re all primarily known from TikTok. The group of 16 TikTokers includes some heavy hitters, like Meredith Duxbury (14.7 million followers), Victoria Lyn (5 million followers) and Stephanie Valentine (aka Glamzilla, 1.4 million followers).

New Beauty: The Top 5 Beauty Trends of 2022 as Predicted by Whole Foods Market

Description: Whole Foods Market is known for its commitment to fresh produce and rows of clean eating options, but if you’ve never scanned the beauty section, you’re missing out. As with the rest of its products, Whole Foods Market keeps its beauty and skin-care selection super clean, banning 180 ingredients. 

The List: This 'Clean-Girl' Beauty Trend Is Going Viral On TikTok

Description: Unlike other beauty trends that include blending and baking, the "clean-girl" look is actually pretty easy to pull off. Actually, it might just be the easiest trend out there of all. You barely need any makeup at all. The most important part of this trend is taking care of your skin and adding on minimal cream products.

Refinery 29: Hailey Bieber Just Launched A Beauty YouTube Channel

Description: While Hailey Bieber isn't exactly sure how to properly introduce herself to the internet (is she Hailey Baldwin, Hailey Bieber, or Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber?), the model is starring in her very own YouTube series for the first time ever.

Refinery 29: Instagram Predicts The Biggest Makeup Trend For Spring

Description: One of the top makeup trends for spring — a hit of glitter — has been emerging slowly, for a while. Its most recognizable roots can be traced back to the first season of Euphoria. But according to Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli, a member of Instagram's Creator Marketing team, there's been a significant spike in glitter-makeup content in the past month, and while some examples can be linked to Euphoria, the effect is a lot broader.