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Kalahari Resorts & Conventions: The Impact of Marketing Off-Season for Seasonal Businesses

Government shutdowns due to the Covid pandemic hit the theme park industry hard. Fortunately, most operators have rebounded and are on pace to performing at their pre-pandemic rates. A look-back at one operator’s successful approach to staying afloat demonstrated the versatility of social media marketing in crafting effective advertising strategy.

Predictably, most companies seized the downtime as an opportunity to educate, entertain and keep audiences engaged by offering digital services and experiences. And Kalahari Resorts and Conventions stayed top of mind by engaging influencers in an out of the ordinary way.

Thanksgiving. One expects the air to be chilly with a full color spectrum of leaves awhirl. Hardly the time when planning a family trip to a water park is a foremost thought.  Unless you’re in the sights of Kalahari Resorts and Conventions. America’s Largest Indoor Waterpark Resorts, who partnered again with Macy’s for its annual Parade and debuted an entirely new float experience, the ‘Colossal Wave of Wonder.’

To extend its campaign impact, Kalahari worked with BabbleBoxx to enlisted 20 family-focused content creators, equipping them with interactive branded kits. Influencers regaled their followers with simulated water park photos in front of custom theme-park backdrops alongside the Macy’s Day float. To stay top of mind, the kits also featured branded merchandise including a Kalahari plush toy, blanket, frisbee, backpack and more. 

In her post, Texas Influencer Lano Ato, gushed about the float and the festivities: “I first started watched the parade when I moved to the United States. And I’m so happy that now my girls and husband can join me.” Alongside the caption was a colorful pop-off-the-screen image of her daughters bedecked in skirts with glitter and bubbles against the Kalahari backdrop.

At a time when family moments matter most, Kalahari inserted itself seamlessly into the conversation. Even in off-season, Kalahari smartly set itself up for the coming emergence from the pandemic, staying top of mind for family vacation planning.