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Alcohol Brands Get Creative With Mixologists and Cocktailgrams for the Holidays

Safe to say, 2020 has not been business as usual. For brands within the wine and spirits category in particular, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a complete flip in sales with online purchases skyrocketing while in-store and commercial sales are demonstrably lower.

The disruption in the purchasing behavior of consumers has forced alcohol brands to revisit their plans and channel energy into social media, opening online storefronts, hosting online tastings and offering doorstep delivery.

This rapid digital transformation has required marketers to “lean in” to influencers, and in many cases with a more microscopic lens than finding the general lifestyle enthusiast. Below are some notable content creators in the mixology, home bartending and craft cocktail categories.

The Live Mixology Streamer

The Weekend Mixologist: Barlow Gilmore has an exceptional talent for delivering approachable cocktail tutorials including recipes that are complex yet easy to replicate, oftentimes adding a twist on classic cocktail favorites and incorporating clean ingredients. The Weekend Mixologist truly shines in front of the camera by engaging and interacting with his audience via his Facebook and Instagram Live. You can tune-into a recent event he hosted on behalf of Noble Oak HERE.

The Outdoor Enthusiast 

As hotels and resorts became unlikely travel destinations, consumers turned to the great outdoors. Travelers of all kinds experimented in Nature, and marketers were on the lookout for adventure savvy experts like JJ Yosh to share their wilderness skills.  Yosh, an adventure filmmaker, television host, mountaineer and actor, uses social media to inspire audiences. He’s also an innovative backcountry chef who provides recommendations on what to eat, drink and buy for novice adventurers to advanced explorers.

The Cocktail Photographer

With in-person shoots on hold due to Covid-19, an increasing number of brands have turned to influencers to generate high-quality photography to satisfy their advertising and marketing needs. For a cameraman extraordinaire and visual artist, check out Chicago tastemaker @NathanMichael whose compelling imagery is intermixed with a nice blend of food, family and cocktail photos.

Food + Liquor Pairings

An executive Chef with a humanitarian heart, Chef Josh Swinney knows how to create the perfect plate and pairing. The nano-influencer who hails from Atlanta can substitute as a menu/recipe developer and brings to the table his relationships with other social media accounts. Chef Josh is also a master at visual effects. Check out his latest collaboration for @ooni and @empathy wines: Fresh Shell-On Shrimp + Guajillo Peppers + Roasted Garlic.

Inspiring Recipe Author

While she may not be a professionally trained mixologist, Kate E. Richards is the quirky and fun-loving Author behind the book “Drinking with Chickens: Free-Range Cocktails for the Happiest Hour.” Her farm-to-table cocktail creations with pickings from her Southern California garden are sure to inspire cheer and wonderment. If you love pistachio and eggnog, THIS rum based version is just for you.

Dietitians Who Mix

If drinking and weight loss seem counterintuitive, think again. Jess + Stacie, dietitians who hail from Colorado and Minnesota, have established a niche doling out Better For You drink ideas. For brands shifting from the “all or nothing” to “moderation is key to healthy living” messaging, The Real Food Dietitians  www.therealfoodrds.com has just what you need.

If you’re a wine or spirits brand or represent one, keep in mind there are strict guardrails that must be put in place when working with influencers. Want more insights on these rules and regulations? We're always here to help! Reach out to team@BabbleBoxx.com for info.