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HOOVER® Cleans Up Mom’s Messiest Moments Amidst Quarantine

HOOVER® banks on Momfluencers as homes (and kids) get messier during the Pandemic

Thanks to the Omnicron virus, many of us are back again to being indoors. And more time spent inside likely equals more spills, dirt, dust and for many new pet owners, dog hair.  

Last year, HOOVER® stepped in to help Mommas clean up more efficiently with the Hoover® ONEPWR Evolve Cordless Vacuum and the Hoover® ONEPWR Dust Chaser Hand Vacuum. 

The iconic 100+ year old brand put Momfluencers up to the challenge of tackling life’s messiest moments during the onset of Covid. In collaboration with BabbleBoxx, the Hoover® “messy moments” challenge was packaged into a branded experience kit featuring jars of glitter, cereal crumbs, cake sprinkles and confetti and influencers were task-tested to tidy up. 

Lifestyle influencers including Celeste Wright and Nurse Meg Harrell offered up their homes during these trying times while touting the benefits of Hoover’s products and demonstrating the cleanup in action. 20 Mom Influencers were enlisted to participate in the campaign, generating 4.3M impressions, 100 pieces of social content (across blogs, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) plus more than 25K engagements including comments, likes and reshares.

Nearly two years since the onset of the pandemic households are still navigating through their daily maintenance needs and seeking solutions that are quick, cost-effective and that promise to minimize the mess. 

Like Hoover, many other household brands including Grab Green, Bon Ami, Microban and Lemi Shine are betting on influencers to build trust among consumers. Because smart advertisers know that targeting the right people to talk about your products in a relevant way is what drives brand messaging into the minds and homes of consumers.