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Sole Care: Kerasal Navigates the Influencer Marketing Landscape as Consumer Interest Soars

Consumer interest in self-care products skyrocketed during the Pandemic. As life goes on we continue to take personal maintenance matters into our homes and hands which is why face masks, nail polish and hair treatments are still trending on Amazon. 

Taking care of oneself is a head-to-toe process and Covid-19 amplified a need for at-home foot care solutions. The category has since exploded with the release of foot care innovations and offerings. 

Our feet are not only an intrinsic part of the body, they have posed a marketing challenge as foot care is a pedestrian subject matter - pun intended - until now. Over the past eighteen months, the marketers of Kerasal, a leading high performance foot care line, turned to influencers for some sole-care.  Here are some snapshots:

The Big Reveal: Kerasal jumped into the spotlight by exposing our hidden heels and toes at a time when visits to the podiatrist and nail techs were not an option. The brand was able to make its mark across social channels by tackling taboo body parts and topics such as damaged toenails and cracked feet.   

Substantiate Claims: “Before” and “After” photos, a long-time strategy in the weight loss industry, allowed Kerasal to showcase its product efficacy with visual accuracy. These written, pictorial and video testimonials not only generated awareness for the brand but lent to its credibility across social platforms. 

Deliver How-To Tips: Product application instructions help guide online audiences, making them feel comfortable taking matters into their own hands.  Working with multiple influencers to create “explainer” videos was a more cost-effective and quicker route to grow brand trust and reach.

Surprise and Delight Audiences: The best way to unveil a new product line when most of the media is OOO?  Deliver “Surprise and Delight” kits to their doorstep. The fully-branded Kerasal Tea Treat Your Feet / Summer Sole Care Signature Kits featured an array of new products, allowing for at-home step-by-step treatment and trial.  

Always-On Communication: Staying top of mind is critical during the peak seasons, capturing market shares during the off-peak has its advantages. Identifying seasonal, demographic and behavioral patterns and enlisting influencers to who can relate to those criteria can be a key differentiator. 

Test, Test and More Testing: Mix up your influencer marketing strategy by trying different tactics, channels and messages. Think livestream social selling, television broadcasts, etc.  What works today may not generate results tomorrow and with the rapid pace at which social media is advancing, you might miss a window of opportunity. 


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