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Influencer Spotlight: Summer Shores of Being Summer Shores
Summer Shores started her blog, Being Summer Shores, about four years ago after her son Aimery was born. Her content is a fun mix of all things parenting, healthy living, and family travel. Summer's journey as an influencer began when she turned to Instagram as a new mom struggling with feelings of isolation. By candidly sharing online about her personal experience, she connected with other first time moms and has since grown an engaged and supportive audience. Her passion for content creation led her to become the Founder & CEO of Being Agency, a virtual assistant agency for bloggers and small business owners. BabbleBoxx most recently partnered with Summer to drive awareness of the launch of a complete nutrition drink for toddlers from Else Nutrition. Last month, Summer filled us in on her best practices for success as an influencer as well as what she is looking forward to next.   What inspired you to become a content creator? Summer: I've always enjoyed being creative! I started taking photos at a young age and enjoyed watching tutorials on YouTube - it was always a dream to work with social media. What are the most important things someone should know when they are first starting out as an influencer? Summer: Know your passions, demographic, and niche. Taking the opportunity to attend blogger conferences all over the country has definitely played a large part in my success as an influencer. I believe that the most important step to convert your influence into a source of income is to believe in yourself and simply put yourself out there! What would you do differently as an influencer if you could start from the beginning again? Summer: If I could start from the beginning again, I would invest more into myself and my blog! What social media platform do you receive the most engagement on and why? Summer: My favorite social media platform is Instagram, because it allows me to be creative through visual content and also gives me a platform to express my voice and personality. My followers react best to Instagram stories, sharing my daily life with them makes them feel apart of my journey! What has been your biggest campaign success story? Why do you think it was a success? Summer: I am proud of landing multiple year-long campaigns with brands the last two years. I think it's so great to have long-term collaborations with brands, as it's more authentic to my audience. Most recently, I had the opportunity to travel to California with one of my dream brands to create content in Palm Springs! What kinds of work are you hoping to do in the future? Summer: I would love to do more travel focused campaigns and in-person networking. Be sure to follow along with Summer's adventures on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.   We want to hear your story! Do you consider yourself an expert on how to become an influencer? Submit your success story for the chance to be featured in an upcoming blog post. You can also apply to be part of our Beyond the Boxx podcast. COMPLETE THIS INTERVIEW FORM FOR CONSIDERATION