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Influencer Spotlight: Christophe Keyes, Owner of Dad on Duty

Christophe Keyes is a man of many talents. In addition to owning his blog Dad on Duty, he is a devoted husband and father to two girls, working hard to take care of them and make their dreams come true.  He is also a musician and a luxury real estate agent. As a professional keyboardist, Christophe has been blessed to tour, play, study and learn from such acts as Jordin Sparks, Andrae Crouch, B.B. King, Shekinah Glory, Vicki Winans, Lukas Nelson, Brent Jones and the T.P. Mobb, Greg Philinganes, Michael Bearden and more!

BabbleBoxx most recently partnered with Christophe in June of 2020 to promote "Out of the Boxx" gift ideas for Father's Day.

Keep reading to find out more about this fashionable male influencer.

What inspired you to become a content creator?

Christophe: My daughter Kennedy. People loved to see us together so I transitioned from mostly music and random posts to curate being a Dad blogger.

What 3 things should people know when starting out as an influencer?

Christophe: What is your why, What is your passion, and can you have fun?

What would you do differently as an influencer if you could start from the beginning again?

Christophe: I would definitely define a niche earlier. While I have for the most part figured it out I have so many interests and opinions I want to share everything. I still need to drill down to one thing.

What social media platform do you receive the most engagement on and why?

Christophe: Instagram provides me with the most engagement and it is probably because I started there and have been on that platform for almost a decade. Recently Pinterest has been blowing up for me. I have no followers but my impressions have gone up 400% so that is an easy number two.

What has been your biggest campaign success story? Why do you think it was a success?

Christophe: Oh man that has been a really tough one. I have been so blessed to have so many, I think my Mazda one ... because 2 people went out and bought the car!

What are the most important steps people can take to convert their influence from a passion project to a source of income?

Christophe: I am a firm believer that if you go after your passion the money will always come. What I have learned is the follower count means nothing it is the people that resonate with what you do. Making good content, and being true to your passion and purpose will easily allow you to transition it from a labor of love to a fun "job" if you will.

Are there any influencers you look to for inspiration?

Christophe: Instagram is a great tool to get ideas and interact with a ton of various people. I try hard not to look at other influencers only for the fact that it is a slippery slope to try to compare yourself to others. But some influencers that really keep me motivated and creative would be @IamEast, @JaredQuakenbush, and @Silverfox_Collective

What kinds of work are you hoping to do in the future?

Christophe: I want to do more product reviews as I really enjoy doing that be it automotive, mobile phones, cameras and of course more suiting. When all this covid stuff is over I would also like to get deeper into events.


Keep up with Christophe on Instagram , Facebook, and Twitter.


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