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Eco-Friendly Influencer Spotlight for Earth Day

Earth Day is always a good reminder to think about what you can do for the planet. From reducing waste and plastic use to being more strategic in where we shop online, we can all make small changes to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Influencers can be a great source of inspiration for those looking to make better environmental choices all year long.

In honor of Earth Day this year, we compiled a list of 4 eco-friendly content creators we love to follow.

The Traveling Activist


Water Thru Skin: Valeria Hinojosa's mission is to inspire everyone to live their lives to the fullest in a healthy, happy, cruelty-free and conscious way. Each piece of content she creates drives followers to take small steps to heal themselves as well as the world around them. As a supporter of eco-friendly and cruelty-free brands, products and hotels she shares first-hand accounts on how to lead a zero-waste lifestyle on her social media channels and beyond.

Last year, she raised $200,000 through her platforms to aid her country, Bolivia, during the fires that consumed over 5 million hectares while visiting untold harm on the land, animals and  thousands of families.


The Eco-friendly TikToker


Going Zero Waste: Kathryn Kellogg shines in front of the camera on TikTok, delivering relatable content on how to live with more intention and save money doing it! As a spokesperson for plastic-free living for National Geographic, Chief Sustainability Officer at the One Movement, and author of 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste, her influence spans many channels.

Her TikTok video that teaches fans how to save $1,087 a year using eco-friendly alternatives to paper towels has over 1 million views.


The Vegan Nutritionist


Plant Based Blonde: Caroline Ginolfi is a duly certified plant based nutritionist and wellness coach who shares mouthwatering vegan recipes with a side of compassionate living. Caroline uses social media to inspire others to create health, harmony and balance within themselves and the world around them.


The Artistic Environmentalist


The Girl Gone Green: Manuela Bar├│n makes art out of trash to teach others about the magnitude of our environmental crisis. She has built an engaged community around sustainability and conscious living and even has an entire post filled with tips for beginners who are just getting started on their low waste journey.