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Influencer Marketing: The Full-Service Solution

While it may seem counter-intuitive to believe an influencer marketing agency can be full-service, the industry has come a long way since its inception. BabbleBoxx fills the blank space that currently exists between Influencer Marketing Platforms and Managed Services. We utilize technology and apply the expertise of our account management team to power campaigns while offering a unique set of solutions at each stage of the influencer marketing lifecycle. 

Below are some examples of how we engage with influencers via brand-dedicated, co-promotion and signature box activations.


Influencer Size: Nanos (5K-20K)

Category: Food

Brand: Fairytale Brownies

Campaign Type: Brand-Dedicated Content Sponsorship

Platform: Instagram (Carousel)

Influencer: @lexfoodguide


Influencer Size: Micros (20K-100K)

Category: Health + Wellness

Brand: Planet Fitness

Campaign Type: Geo-Targeted (New Jersey Only) Content Sponsorship

Platform: Instagram (Reel)

Influencer: @parisandalatte


Influencer Size: Macros (100K-1MM)

Category: Pets

Brand: Manna Pro – ZuPreem

Campaign Type: Niche (Exotic Birds) Content Sponsorship


Influencer: @thecelebirdy 


Influencer Sizes: Mega (1MM+)

Category: Toys

Brand: Little Passports

Platform: Instagram (In-Feed Video)

Campaign Type: Celebrity Collaboration

Celebrity: Mandy Moore