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Like it or Leave It: CGI Influencers Are Here to Stay
The quest for virtual influencers continues. This week, Metaverse releases guidelines around the use of AI created content creators. Lenovo launches a campaign in Japan in collaboration with a computer-generated model, Imma. Back in the United States, LG’s homegrown talent, Reah Keem, appears to have her wires crossed. LG's virtual influencer Reah Keem
Image Credit |  Reah Keeem (LG Electronics)

Social Media Today:  Meta's Developing an 'Ethical Framework' for the Use of Virtual Influencers

Description: With the rise of digital avatars and, indeed, fully digital characters that have evolved into genuine social media influencers in their own right, online platforms now have an obligation to establish clear markers as to what’s real and what’s not, and how such creations can be used in their apps.

The coming metaverse shift will further complicate this, with the rise of virtual depictions blurring the lines of what will be allowed in terms of representation. But with many virtual influencers already operating, Meta is now working to establish ethical boundaries on their application.

The Drum: Lenovo Hires Virtual Influencer, Imma for Campaign in Japan Description: The campaign, called ‘Yoga For All of Us,’ is sharing the message that people who have creative visions and pursue them have a chance of making their dreams a reality. Lenovo's hopes the campaign will change how the world has redefined the concept of ‘normal,’ as lifestyles, professions and backgrounds once deemed to be alternative are now accepted as mainstream.

Tech Radar: There's Something Weird Going On With LG's virtual influencer

Description: LG has been erasing elements of Reah Keem's social media, as if trying to cover up her saying something that could be later used against her.

Gartner: Virtual Influencers: America’s Next Top Model

Description: In the U.S., some of the most popular virtual influencers already have millions of followers. One of the most notable is Lil Miquela, who has more than 3 million followers on both Instagram and TikTok. Being a robot has not stopped her from living her life, posting vlogs, and dating fellow virtual humans. She’s worked with a variety of brands from fashion (like Dior, Prada, Calvin Klein) to electronics (Samsung) and auto (MINI). 

Tech Times: Fictional Influencers on TikTok Attract Followers Through Compelling Storytelling | What Are They?

Description:  Fictional influencers are gradually taking TikTok by storm following FourFront's initiative to create 22 social media actors on the platform. The trend about these influencers did not stop there. Many followers have been continuously watching compelling storytelling videos on TikTok until now.

The Jerusalem Post: Is She Real? Meet this Israeli's Virtual Personalities

Description: Tal Melenboim has made a home for tech creators and innovative ideas. This serial entrepreneur turned content creator recently founded VFR.ai, a fast-growing technology company that manages and funds multiple ventures that use and develop different artificial intelligence-based technologies, tools and