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Finfluence: #MoneyTok, DeStream Bank Cards for Content Creators, and Web 3.0 Reinvents Monetization Routes

How creators make and manage money are the hot topics of the week as NFT’s, social tokens and donations dominate headlines.  Plus, consumers are tuning into FinTok for financial advice and hacks to managing money with content creators demystifying hard to grasp concepts into informative yet short clips.

Forbes: Two Major Ways Web 3.0 Will Reinvent How Content Creators Make A Living

Description: Up until now, social media and monetization platforms have provided creators the means to distribute their content and generate limited revenue. In exchange, these platforms receive data and the opportunity to monetize via a premium level of service, a revenue share model or through advertisements. Moreover, these platforms preserve the ability to remove creators or content as they’d like. Creators are catching on to this, at times, seemingly unfair bargain and are now experimenting with other means of distribution. Some creators have begun to migrate from these platforms to build their own websites (where followers can find their content and pay them directly), while others have begun experimenting with Web 3.0 innovations.

FF News: Destream is launching a bank card for streamers, bloggers and content creators

Description: The international fintech company destream is launching a bank card for streamers, bloggers and content creators. Destream is a tipping platform to increase content creator revenue, it provides different tools to improve engagement with the audience and conversion from viewers to donators. The platform allows bloggers and streamers to receive donations for content generated on popular social media, including Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, etc. Content creators can receive donations in any currency and through as many as possible payment methods with the widest geographical coverage. With the new debit card from destream bloggers don’t need to transfer donations to their bank accounts and pay extra fees.

The EconomistPersonal finance is a hit on TikTok

Description: Videos tagged #moneytok have had 10.6bn views on TikTok—more than #tacotuesday, #gossip and #cookingtiktok. Creators can use the tag to signal that their posts are part of a genre on the short-video platform that offers financial advice.