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Weekly News: The World Stands with Ukraine & Takes to Social for Support & Send Donations

We are living in unprecedented times as we witness social media converting into a messenger of the people. Our hearts reside with the people of Ukraine and our prayers are for peace and a resolution to this war.

ForbesUkraine Receives $4 Million In Crypto Donations Within Hours—Including $1.9 Million Tied To Pak, Julian Assange NFT Collection Description: More than $4 million worth of cryptocurrency donations poured in for Ukraine on Saturday hours after Ukrainian officials took to Twitter to plead for help in the fight against a Russian invasion, adding to more than $5 million worth of crypto that non-governmental organizations and volunteer groups in the country have raised since the invasion started on Thursday.

CNN: Here's why Russia's invasion of Ukraine is being called the 'TikTok war'

Description:  Ukrainian Instagram influencers are now warzone witnesses and urban warfare experts are tweeting tips to Ukrainian fighters, CNN's chief media correspondent Brian Stelter said on "Reliable Sources" Sunday. But the onslaught of words and images is fueling a confusing media environment where disinformation is rampant.

Wired: News From Ukraine Is Unfolding in Fragments Over Social Media

Description: Say what you will about short attention spans in the internet age, there is some benefit to being rewired to gather intelligence from multiple sources to make sense of what’s going on.

Social Media Today: How Social Platforms are Responding to the Crisis in Ukraine

Description: Given the role that social media now plays in the dissemination of information, social media platforms need to work fast to limit misuse of their networks for questionable purposes, and many have already enacted plans to mitigate certain elements of misuse and misinformation. Here’s a look at what’s been announced thus far from the major social apps.

Vox: Social media companies are in a standoff with Russia on censorship and there’s no easy solution.

Description:  Now Facebook and Twitter find themselves in a predicament that’s become increasingly common for social media networks in certain countries: They’re facing the demands of an authoritarian government that’s pressuring them to censor content it doesn’t like, and to allow propaganda to run unchecked.

The Hill: Social media platforms prevent Russian-backed media from earning ad revenue

Description: Social media platforms are preventing Russian-backed media from earning ad revenue as Russia continues its assault on Ukraine. The head of security policy at Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, announced Friday night that Russian state media would not be able to earn money from ads on the company's platforms.