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The Rise of LinkedInfluencers, Social Media Platforms Support Female-Owned Businesses & the Advantages of Influencer Marketing for Manufacturers

Companies take action for Women’s History Month by providing female-owned businesses education, resources and funding. YouTube doubles down on Podcasters’ videos as Walmart gets bullish with Live-Shopping. And as manufacturers set their eyes on influencers, LinkedIn becomes the darling for B2B marketers.  

Social Media Today: Pinterest Announces New Support Program for Female-Owned Businesses as Part of Women's History Month

Description: March is Women’s History Month, and Pinterest is marking the occasion with a new support announcement that will see ten female-owned businesses receive funding, training and more as part of its Pinterest Elevates program.

Social Media Today: Meta Announces New Training and Support Resources for Female-Owned Businesses

Description: Meta has announced some new support measures for female-led businesses, which have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, as well as new education resources to help female entrepreneurs navigate into the next stage of post-pandemic recovery.

The announcement comes as part of a broader push for Women's History Month, and includes a range of free insights to help women business owners succeed.

HypeBeast: YouTube Wants to Pay Podcasters to Video Their Shows

Description: YouTube is now hoping that podcasters will begin recording videos for their shows. According to a new report from Bloomberg, the video hosting giant has begun paying content creators to film their podcasts so they can be uploaded onto the platform. Sources close to the matter reveal that YouTube is ready to pay upwards of $200,000 USD to $300,000 USD to podcast networks to create either filmed versions of their podcasts or other kinds of video content, while individual shows will also receive $50,000 USD.

Bloomberg: Walmart Is Expanding Its Live-Shopping Partnership With Talkshoplive

Description: Walmart Inc. is expanding its partnership with live-shopping platform Talkshoplive, adding regularly scheduled content in a bid to entice more customers to buy products through online videos.

Verve Times: What Is A LinkedInfluencer?

Description: In 2022, because no social network is safe, LinkedIn is an ecosystem in which a new type of influencer—a LinkedInfluencer, if you will—can thrive. But “creators,” as the platform officially calls them, aren’t out here sharing their Amazon hauls or what they eat in a day. They’re writing inspirational posts about how they market themselves to recruiters despite having no “real” “job” experience and getting deep with personal stories about bad bosses.

Association of Equipment Manufacturers:  How Manufacturers Can Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing? 

Description: Companies absolutely must invest time, talent and resources into promoting their brands online - through their website, through social media and through advertising. But it's time more organizations, especially those in the B2B and manufacturing spaces, better understand influencer marketing and how they can tap into folks' personal brands to benefit their own.