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How Brands Are Supporting & Inspiring Conversations Surrounding Mental Health

There is a growing crisis across the world -- the prevalence of anxiety and depression amongst people  has grown by 25% globally, the social isolation resulting from the pandemic identified as a major cause of the increase. According to the World Health Organization, “This is a wake-up call to all countries to pay more attention to mental health and do a better job of supporting their populations' mental health.” 

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, brands are finding ways to connect with their consumers and communities on a very personal level. In this week’s round-up, we are highlighting those who are taking a stand to increase awareness, offer aid and resources to those in need, and to open more candid and supportive dialogue between communities surrounding mental health!

Footwear News: Brands Supporting Mental Health Awareness

Description: When it comes to fashion and footwear, the month-long acknowledgment of mental health struggles and resilience marks a time for brands to get creative when it comes to supporting nonprofits on the frontlines of mental health activism.

BusinessWire: Real and Revlon Join Forces to Provide Access to Mental Health Care For May’s Mental Health Awareness Month

Description: The campaign, “Caring For Your Mental Wellness Is Beautiful,” highlights the intersection of beauty and mental health. This campaign will celebrate the positive impacts beauty and wellness can have on mental health, such as self-expression and self-soothing rituals. It also unpacks the ways traditional beauty standards can negatively impact mental health. Real’s licensed therapists will provide educational resources to discuss issues related to beauty and mental health. Covering themes like having a healthier relationship with social media or teaching children that beauty isn’t one-size-fits-all, these tools will be shared through editorial content and social media.

Runner’s World: How Fitness Brands Support Everyday Athletes’ Mental Health

Description: While research shows that running itself can boost mood and improve mental health—and according to Asics’ recent “State of the Mind Index,” a global survey of more than 37,000 people, all you need is just over 15 minutes of exercise to experience that mental boost—it’s so important and helpful to have other resources at the ready to support your well-being. Thankfully, more fitness brands and runner-focused organizations are offering materials and services to help support everyday athletes’ mental health.

Press Herald: L.L. Bean goes silent on social media for Mental Health Awareness Month

Description: The Freeport-based outdoor retailer said it has put a halt to posting on social media channels and is wiping clean its Instagram feed while instead encouraging people to get outside and prioritize self-care.

Bean also announced a $500,000 grant and two-year partnership with Mental Health America to support community-based outdoor programs and campaigns to publicize the wellness benefits of time spent outdoors.

Campaign Asia: Body-shaming brands and the male mental health crisis

Description: as we mark Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, our findings from our Young Men on Masculinity research revealed that a worryingly younger group of men, those aged between 16 and 24, are also struggling with body positivity and acceptance – 86% of cis men and 95% of trans men think that men face body-shaming and pressure to look a certain way, with 34% of cis and trans men believing this to be at a level equal to or more than women