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Brands Tap Into Influencer Marketing as Travel Spikes
People are eager to get out and explore after a difficult two years of restrictions on travel. With a surge in consumer demand for travel and tourism, we take a look at how hospitality brands and influencers approach and respond. On the weeks roundup, travel influencer, Emma Rose Lager, develops location-scouting app for brands, Benefit Cosmetics seeks new influencer strategy for event amidst over tourism in Hawaii, and hotels aim to elevate and optimize the digital experience for consumers. 

Small Business Trends: 13 Top Travel Influencers - Small Business Trends (smallbiztrends.com)

Description: Depending on the travel destinations, the hospitality, tourism boards, and tourism brands have increased working with travel influencers to gain an organic following and create awareness for travel destinations. If you are not sure which travel influencers to work with, we’ve put together a list of some of the top influencers in the space and the social media channels they are popular on to help make the selection process easier.

The Zoe Report: Meet The New Travel App Taking The Work Out Of Finding Instagrammable Locations

Description: After spending countless hours of her life scouting locations that would stand out on social media, influencer and entrepreneur Emma Rose Leger came up with the idea for The Scout App, a brand-new tool that simplifies the process of finding beautiful and unique backdrops — thus, saving travel lovers and content creators time, work, and money.

New York Times: How the Stanley Tumbler Became So Popular

Description: Lately, a new vessel has found its way into the hands, and onto the social media feeds, of the well hydrated: the Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler from Stanley, a 109-year-old brand that specializes in camping gear and outdoor accessories. It has become the model of choice among a lot of millennial and Gen Z women, many of whom are mothers, and the influencers they trust.

The Tab: Benefit Cosmetics called out for influencer trip to Hawaii despite over-tourism concerns

Description: Benefit Cosmetics has come under fire for taking a group of influencers on a trip to Hawaii to promote their new product line, amidst concerns from Hawaiians that their home is being damaged due to overtourism. Since the COVID-19 pandemic Hawaiian residents have been asking tourists not to visit the islands. Locals have reported water shortages, congested roads and have set up a petition to protest the overtourism. Though the Hawaiian tourism board hasn’t banned tourists, last year the governor of Hawaii said it was not a good time to visit due to COVID surges.

Hospitality Net: How Hotels can Digitally Optimize the Guest Experience

Description: as the appetite for revenge travel rapidly increases and consumers grow more hungry for unrestricted travel experiences, it’s vital that hotels respond to this pent-up demand. Apart from re-introducing pre-pandemic amenities at property level, such as the free breakfast buffet for example, it’s important hotels have the necessary digital marketing strategies in place to capture the demand and capitalize on it.