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Black Friday + Cyber Monday: 5 Go-To Influencer Marketing Strategies
Tis the season. Starting now, three things all influencers have in common are (1) their editorial calendars fill up quickly, (2) their non-competes are more restricted and (3) their pricing goes up as the holidays approach. Setting the stage to be in the mix of gifts of the season comes at a price when the media, influencers included, starts promoting their favorite wares the minute backpacks enter the classroom. Speed to market is not the only factor that comes into play, below are some storytelling strategies from BabbleBoxx to make certain your brand stands out amidst the flurry of gift guides and special offers. [caption id="attachment_275" align="alignleft" width="350"] Black Friday + Cyber Monday: 5 Go-To Influencer Marketing Strategies[/caption] 1. Start early, message different: To make it onto influencers’ editorial calendars, start your outreach as early as September. Try to incentivize influencers by offering discount codes that are unique to their audiences and, if practicable, have them host special giveaways to increase engagement during the busy holiday season. Try tying sales to a special cause, one that speaks to the specific category of influencer you are trying to reach, And most important, think of original themes – ones that differentiate you from other brands and competitors. For example, the day after Halloween is an ideal time to be promoting a healthier you during the holidays message. There are so many occasions between October through December, from daylight savings to college dead week, that not everything has to revolve around gift guides. 2. Tap into Mailing Lists : Many content creators, particularly those who manage blogs, have a qualified list of followers along with their corresponding email addresses. Most brands don’t leverage this channel, which is pretty much untapped territory in the days leading up to the holidays. Being incorporated in a dedicated email blast to an influencer’s subscriber list may cost more money but the open rates can be higher than 50% and it allows you to get a message across where no one else is venturing. 3. Make the Most of Partners. Think “coopetition” during the holidays. Whether you band together with one or more like-minded brands, partner marketing is a great way to extend your reach while saving dollars. The best thing about co-marketing is that it is not restricted to your influencer marketing efforts. With the right plan and strategic allies in place, your message can be shared in media buys, public relations announcements/events, email marketing and more. [caption id="attachment_268" align="alignright" width="350"] Black Friday + Cyber Monday: 5 Go-To Influencer Marketing Strategies[/caption] 4. Being Generous Pays: Ever wonder why influencers are wary about affiliate marketing programs? One of the top reasons they avoid hocking your offers is because the payout is not worth the while. Don’t be a scrooge this season – consider offering influencers an increased sales commission and if possible break beyond your affiliate platform by tapping into content creators who are most likely not opted into to the networks you are using. 5. Get Up Close and Personal: The holidays wouldn’t be the same without a party. You don’t have to miss out on the action. If you can’t find an event you can sponsor (at a reasonable rate), create your own fun. You can work with influencers to plan an at-home or party at your destination of choice. If planned properly, holiday influencer events will generate pre, during and post brand coverage. Plus, it’s an opportune time to get your holiday collections directly into the hands of those most likely to use and share them. Remember, influencers come in all sizes: Online transactions for this huge shopping weekend into the following Holidays are now in the billions, so don't be afraid to pursue collaborations where content, engagement and brand fit are the number one priority.