BabbleBoxx Industry News January 2021

Social media marketing is an ever-evolving component of today’s marketing arena.  BabbleBoxx tries keeping abreast of it all, as industry news and articles come fast and often.  Here are a few that might be of interest, highlighted here and then linked below with overviews.

For starters, welcome to your next digital addiction: The audio social media app Clubhouse, which launched in March, is now testing an invite-only private club for influencers. The dramatic events of 2020 transformed the role many influencers play in society. How can influencers use their voices in 2021 to support hot button issues while still safeguarding the brands with whom they work?  And both Brands and Influencers need consider why they should be amplifying influencer-generated content from current campaigns to those outside of influencers’ organic audiences to further achieve your business objectives. And lastly, from offering unique marketing insights to testing new narratives, influencer partnerships will be about so much more than content creation in the new year. Clubhouse Makes Way for Influencers

Description: Nearly every social media platform has turned its top users into stars: YouTubers, Viners, Dubsmashers, TikTokers, even LinkedIn influencers. Now, Clubhouse, an audio-only app that built its name with tech investors before expanding into entertainment, is trying to cultivate its own local celebrities. As the Influencer Marketing Industry Expands, Creators and Brands Must Self-Police

Description: 41% of consumers think that influencers should use their platforms to discuss current affairs and everyday activism. However, 55% of marketers said they’d be anxious about working with an influencer who is vocal about social and political issues. The growing impact influencers have means they need to develop their own code of ethics in order to protect the general public, as well as the brands with whom they work. How Can Media Buys Amplify Influencer Marketing?

Description: While marketers are undoubtedly seeing the power of influencer content, they are not yet making the most of assets by amplifying influencer campaigns through programmatic media buys. Here’s how they can. Three Ways to Leverage Influencers Beyond Content Creation

Description: Thanks to their web of connections, influencers have much more to offer marketers beyond a tactic and can be a strategic piece in designing successful campaigns. As we move into 2021, here are three new ways to consider leveraging influencers beyond just the role of content creator.