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BabbleBoxx Industry News April 2021
Social media marketing is an ever-evolving component of today’s marketing landscape.  BabbleBoxx tries keeping abreast of it all, as industry news and articles come fast and often.  Here are a few that might be of interest, highlighted here and then linked to the articles below with further context.
  • New “Hype House” competitor “TikTok West” gives TikTokers the opportunity to trade their clout to create unique content as part of its one-of-a-kind sales strategy.
  • As the beauty industry lets go of the term “anti-aging,” over-50 influencers are getting their turn in the spotlight.
  • Clubhouse creators can now make money directly from users or raise money for a cause.
  • In today’s economy, a strong domain authority is the best way to reach the eyes of your target audience and the general public.
  • Act proactively to mitigate your exposure to legal risks when working with influencers.
  New York Post: New TikTok ‘Hype House’ sells clout for $5.3M in Santa Monica, LA The infamous members-only Los Angeles TikTok incubator “Hype House” has a new competitor in Santa Monica, California.  But “TikTok West” is actually part of a one-of-a-kind sales strategy — garnering a collaborative of young TikTokers to tag the Realtor and the Seller to market the house during their stay. During the month of April, TikTok influencers can apply for two hours of access to create content in this staged, amenity-heavy house. Unlike the original Hype House, this mansion won’t be hosting parties or letting influencers stay overnight.   Glossy: How influencers 50-plus are changing perceptions around age in beauty Notoriously youth-obsessed, the beauty industry is undergoing a shift in its approach as more brands scrap the term “anti-aging” in their marketing. The demand for older influencers is on the rise, driven by baby boomers’ disposable income. Some brands are seeing high EMV on posts by over-50 influencers when they receive organic mentions. When it comes to brands’ influencer content, consumers have been excited to see representation in their age group. One Facebook post by Ilia featuring Lynnie V (@whitehairwisdom) received over 89,000 likes and 12,000 comments.   TechCrunch : Clubhouse launches payments so content creators can make money Clubhouse, a one-year-old social audio app reportedly valued at $1 billion, will now allow users to send money to their favorite creators — or speakers — on the platform. Paul Davison, the co-founder of Clubhouse, mentioned in the company’s latest town hall that the startup wants to focus on direct monetization for creators, instead of advertisements. Clubhouse’s payments feature will first be tested by a small group. Eventually, the payments feature will be rolled out to other users in waves.   Forbes: In Our Attention Economy, Good PR Means A Strong Domain Authority "Good" PR means competing with others for the attention of a given audience, attracting people's eyeballs and clicks. These days your online presence is perhaps your most important asset. Before they meet you in person (masked and socially distanced, of course), people will invariably Google you to learn more about you. This makes it all the more important to control your presence in Google Search as much as possible.   Mondaq: How To Decrease Your Influencer Marketing Legal Risk While influencers may bring your brand viral attention, they can also expose you to legal risk. Companies need to act proactively to protect themselves from rogue influencers and insist on proper disclosures. This article looks at some of the legal developments over the last two years and best practices for risk mitigation around influencer marketing programs.